Late to the party once again; Congressman Brad Sherman--Town Hall invitation and discussion on Porter Ranch gas leak.

Congressman Brad Sherman is, once again, fishing for votes and laughing at all of us. He had the opportunity to fix the failing legislation that created the current Aliso Canyon gas leak six years ago when the San Bruno gas explosion killed eight and leveled a community. Now the health department claims they have no idea why everyone is getting sick. They have been given a hush order to protect them from liability law suits that are coming. The possibility of an entire community becoming uninhabitable could become a reality.

If I'm elected a full criminal investigation will take place and those responsible will be prosecuted. I will then get the affected area declared as a federal disaster zone and bring FEMA money back to make all the affected families whole again.

From U.S. News and World Report March 11, 2016

The Southern California Gas Company announced Feb. 18 that after nearly four months, it had permanently sealed the leaking well, and residents who had evacuated their homes could safely return.

The gas company, which had been picking up the tab for evacuees staying in hotels and motels, said it would pay for one additional week. But a Superior Court judge ordered the gas company on March 2 to continue paying for the temporary accommodations until March 18, allowing time for more air testing. The company said it has paid about $36 million in relocation expenses for about 3,400 households.

The massive and unprecedented leak at the Aliso Canyon storage facility prompted Gov. Jerry Brown to declare a state of emergency in early January. Criminal charges and civil lawsuits against the gas company followed. Community leaders and politicians demanded more regulation of the aging facilities.

Legislators in Sacramento have jumped into the fray, proposing a bill to require more testing before the company can restart operations.

The leak has fueled concerns about the long-term health of residents exposed to methane, benzene and other chemicals. As part of his emergency declaration, Brown pledged to convene an independent panel of medical and scientific experts to review potential health risks.

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Fact Check! Congressman Sherman Using US Vets to Boost His Re-Election Bid

By Katherine Russ for Citywatch LA

RUSS REPORT-Last week, once again, the Los Angeles Daily News paid homage to Los Angeles veterans by pandering to Congressman Brad Sherman whose fetid attempt to use veterans as pawns might boost his shoddy re-election bid.

Rick Orlov’s Oct. 16, 2014 piece titled Rep. Brad Sherman’s Survey Finds Most Veterans Satisfied With VA was nothing more than campaign propaganda for a "do-nothing" Congressman who, shamefully, did nothing but pay lip service to veterans in Los Angeles and continues to do so just 2 weeks before an election. Read More

From CityWatch:
California Politics: Poison Email Causing Concerns
Within Republican Party

By Katherine Russ

April 1, 2014

RUSS REPORT-On March 6 an “anonymous” email, made to appear as if it originated from Republican Candidate Mark Reed, was sent to several hundred members of the Republican Party in Los Angeles County (RPLAC) making it an illegal communication as defined under 18 U.S. Code §1037. The email was strategically sent to sabotage any chance Reed may have had for an RPLAC Central Committee endorsement on March 9 giving an “unknown” named Pablo Kleinman, Reed’s Republican opponent, a potentially better chance to benefit from an endorsement in District 30.

Susan Shelley, a candidate for California Assembly in District 45, is now smack in the middle of a smear campaign as dozens of other members of the LA GOP who support Reed now suspect Shelley of some affiliation in this destructive deed.

My own independent investigation of Reed in 2012 determined that he is not a convicted felon, as Shelley’s site continues to claim....

Reed is a volunteer/employee of Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) and had to pass Dept. of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation and LAPD background checks. As a purported “felon,” Reed could never have passed any background checks.

Mark Vafiades, Chairman of RPLAC, was also conspicuously silent in denouncing the fraudulent and defamatory email towards a fellow Republican at the March 8th endorsement meeting. Reed, who has received unanimous support in his own District and whose integrity and character are far less questionable than those who authored such a deceptive email, is pursuing legal alternatives that could leave Board Members of RPLAC vulnerable.

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Spreading Gossip & Slander of a Fellow Republican.

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Dem Rep. Brad Sherman Asks Professor at Hearing about Stresses in Afghanistan; Real Soldier from Bergdahl’s Unit Interrupts!!!

At a Congressional Hearing yesterday, Democrat Rep. Brad Sherman was trying to ask a Professor what the “stresses” are faced by soldiers in Afghanistan that could have led Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl to walk off on his own – desert. Sitting at the same table with the Professor was an ACTUAL SOLDIER from Bergdahl’s same unit – Cody Full!!! Before the Professor could answer, Cody Full interrupted and asked Rep. Sherman if he could respond – since he was there with Bergdahl! Sherman grudgingly conceded to allowing Full to speak, since he knew it would look bad if he refused!
Source: Freedom's Lighthouse


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